Making Energy More Affordable

Collaborative Process

Energy is a necessity that we use every day in our homes. Manitoba Hydro’s recent and projected rate increases will have an impact on rate payers. The Manitoba Public Utilities Board is a quasi-judicial administrative tribunal that regulates rates charged by public utilities, including rates charged by Manitoba Hydro and Centra Gas. The PUB directed Manitoba Hydro to lead a Collaborative Process with other interested parties to develop a bill affordability program in combination with Manitoba Hydro’s other programs. Terms of Reference, (PDF, 242 KB) on the Collaborative Process were filed with the PUB.

Manitoba Hydro has proposed rate increases to meet the growing energy needs of Manitoba, and to replace aging infrastructure that is approaching the end of its service life. To help manage the impact on customers, Manitoba Hydro has proposed gradual and predictable rate increases that may reduce the risk of large increases that could be difficult for customers to manage in the future. At the recent 2015/16 General Rate Application Hearing, several parties raised concerns that even with regular increases spread over time, the combined result of higher energy bills could be difficult for some lower income customers to afford. The goal of the process is to recommend changes or new offerings to make energy more affordable.

Bill Affordability Working Group

The Bill Affordability Working Group was established as part of a collaborative process to assess and address energy bill affordability in Manitoba.

Working Group members, with the help of a supporting research team, will consider options and measures to address energy poverty in Manitoba including enhancements to existing Manitoba Hydro programs and assistance and new initiatives.

The Working Group will produce and submit a final report and implementation plan to the Public Utilities Board setting out the findings and/or recommendations from the process.

Manitoba Hydro Bill Affordability Collaborative Process Summary Report and Appendices

The process and findings of the Working Group are outlined in The Affordability Collaborative Process Summary Report:

Affordability Collaborative Process Summary Report (PDF, 5.0 MB)

Stay Connected

The Working Group welcomes all comments or questions regarding this process. Commonly asked questions will be posted in an FAQ section of the website. As updates are made and as work progresses, members of the public who register will be notified via email.

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